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Hivekovics Családi Gazdaság

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William Pear

  • Brand: Hivekovics
  • Product Code: FG-VIKO-2015
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Many believes that William is the most flavorful of all pear varieties grown in Hungary. With the help of the advanced technologies applied in our orchards, we offer these lovely, yellow, thin-skinned, 200 g fruits with a reddish tinge on their sunny side, starting around mid-August. It flesh is white, fragrant, juicy, melts easy in your mouth and tastes sweet-and-sour, somewhat muscaty. For the moment, we only grow this variety on smaller areas because it can't be stored for as long as other varieties.

Nevertheless, after the completion of our planned cold storage, we are also planning to increase the area of William plantations, to supply the popular demand created by its great taste. Due to the hight administrative and transportation cost, the minimal size of order we accept through our website is 50 kg.

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