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Hivekovics Családi Gazdaság

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Rape Honey

  • Brand: Hivekovics
  • Product Code: MK-REMZ-2015
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The monofloral honey produced from the nectars of oil rape is the only honey type in Hungary with a slightly alkaline Ph and as such, can be consumed in any quantities by those with sensitive stomachs and those suffering from extensive stomach acid. Its pleasant taste is rather sweet when consumed fresh. Both its flavor and fragrance resembles that of the original flower it is collected from. Due to its high sugar content and alkali Ph, it cristallizes very fast, thus you will seldom be able to buy this honey in a liquid form. When christallized, it turns into a whitish, spreadable, creamy state, hence its common name 'cream honey'. It is commonly consumed as a spread on a slice of bread, as well as eaten straight as a 'spoon medicine'.

The latter is especially commonly applied by those suffering from anemia, due to its high iron content. Due to the hight administrative and transportation cost, the minimal size of order we accept through our website is 5 bottles.

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