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Hivekovics Családi Gazdaság

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Black Locust Honey

  • Brand: Hivekovics
  • Product Code: MK-AKME-2015
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Just recently, white locus honey was awarded to become a 'hungaricum', a unique product of Hungary, which is also being produced in our Family Orchards proudly. White locust honey is a light honey, in certain years pretty much watery clear. It is a lot less acidic than other honey types of Hungary, while its fruit sugar content is higher, which results in a sweet and perfumy honey that lacks any funky side and after tastes. Because of the properties, white locust honey can be used for basically any and all purposes, from direct consumption to baking and confectionary. To sweeten 'pálinka' brandies, white locust honey is normally the only one used. It cristallizes very slowly, remains liquid for up to two years. Due to its robinin and akacin content, it has desinfectant, detoxificating and cough-reducing properties. Due to the hight administrative and transportation cost, the minimal size of order we accept through our website is 5 bottles.

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