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Hivekovics Családi Gazdaság

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Natural juices

At the moment the only natural juice we offer is made of blackberries, since due to their high quality, all other fruits are sold as fresh. In the case of blackberries, despite the great taste and perfect quality of our fruits, the Hungarian domestic market is too small to consume all of our fresh berries within their short ripening period. As a result of this, part of our freshly picked, perfect fruits are pressed and pasteurised immediately, while later we mix them with the most compatible apple juice for increased storage longevity.

Blueberry natural juice (100%)

Az egész nyáron elérhető friss áfonyánk akkora sikernek örvend, hogy szinte kötelező volt számunkra 100% ..


Blackberry juice in bottle (100%)

A fekete szeder szárazanyag tartalmának antioxidáns-kapacitása messze felülmúlja minden más, Magyarország..


William pear natural juice (100%)

William pear natural juice (100%)..


Red currant juice (100%)



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