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Hivekovics Családi Gazdaság

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Monofloral honeys

Our Family Farm is keeping bees for amost 40 years by now. For us, bee keeping is not simply a tradition and a business venture, but a sort of responsibility, as well. We firmly believe that human food security and supplies are impossible to be achieved (at least in the short or mid term future) without the blessing activities of these busy pollinating insects. For the time being, our Family Farm does not work the bees on a migrate-to-the-pastures basis, thus we only offer two monofloral honeys that our bees can collect from their permament homes: white locust (aka false acacia) and rape. It is recommended that you visit or website frequently, though, since we plan to extend our stock with very unique and special monofloral honeys quite soon!

Black Locust Honey

Just recently, white locus honey was awarded to become a 'hungaricum', a unique product of Hungary, which..


Flower honey



Rape Honey

The monofloral honey produced from the nectars of oil rape is the only honey type in Hungary with a sligh..


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